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I watch the birds fly in the sky. They fly free, dancing around in paths too random for the mind to understand and the eyes to track. They are free, what I am not.
I see her by the window, gazing at the sky again. Her posture is that of a doll, positioned on the corner of a shelf and leaning over from slowly losing the struggle with gravity. I watch her gather dust.
"What are you watching?"
"Dreams are only for those who are asleep. You're awake, you idiot."
"You're so bitter."
I see her fret and curse at every detail that comes to her attention. From my customary spot by the window, I watch both her and the sky.She is a bird with broken wings, flapping helplessly and shrieking at everything that comes near.
Bitter? I guess I am bitter. These legs have become blocks of lead, dead and unmoving. I can no longer even think about following my dreams.
"You cry at night."
There is venom in her glare.
"I do not."
"Even if you do it into your pillow, I can still hear you."
"Shut up.
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Three Stones in the Street
I dream of having my own world.
In my world, nothing can hurt me. I am not stepped on all the time by people too big for me to stand up to. I am not kicked around like debris in the way of others. I am not crushed by the machines of urban life. I will not end up falling into the gutter, pushed in by the faceless crowds on these swarming streets of society.
Where can I find my world?
I think it is possible for my world to exist. I try to talk to others like me about it. They listen silently, but never reply, as if they do not hear me. I think they do not want to hear. I try to impress on them the idea that if we gather together something will change. They continue their silence.
Why can't they understand?
We can make things happen if we bind together! Instead of being rolled around by the giants around us, instead of being crushed for their use, we can become stronger! We can become obstacles to the giants, instead of them being obstacles to us! Instead of being like mere commonplace pe
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Visiting Hours
Jenni hated the hospital. She hated the odours of death and disinfectant, the hustle and bustle of the doctors and patients and the dread surrounding the operating rooms where people danced between life and death. These factors seemed to swirl around her, closing in and causing her to feel a shortness of breath. Irritation welled up, marring her face with a scowl.
“Calm down,” she chided herself. “I can't let mother see me like this.”
Once a week she saw her mother in the hospital. Only once a week, as the hospital was far from where they lived. She did not want to waste that time with her mother by being moody. Thus, she plastered a smile on her face as the door opened. There was her mother. Jenni began talking even before she had sat down in the chair.
“How are you, Mother?”
“I'm fine. Just a little tired. More importantly, how are you holding up?”
“It's OK. I'm a little lonely sometimes without you at night, but I get by.”
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